IT Staff Augumentation

IT staff augmentation
1. Why IT Staffing?
2. Dedicated Web Developers Augmentation Centre
3. QA Staff Augmentation
4. When You Need Staff Augmentation
5. Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services by Talent Sketchers

IT staff augmentation means subcontracting human resources on a skill requirement basis or a project completion basis for a limited period of time.

Talent Sketchers supplies highly qualified staff at competitive rates. We can offer experienced developers or QA engineers within 2-3 business days, with the possibility to gradually grow the team up to 5, up to 50, whatever you need.

Our top-tier developers have in-depth knowledge of frontend, backend, and other technology stacks.

Why IT Staffing?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide between augmenting staff or hiring full-time/part-time employees, but augmenting can really help you satisfy your short-term and long-term staffing needs so that you always deliver your IT solutions on time.

Dedicated Web Developers Augmentation Centre

Talent Sketchers provides experienced dedicated web developers to all kind of businesses from startups to large enterprises. We've successfully delivered over (___) projects and our team of web developers is proud to have always been a valuable contribution to our clients' success.

Over (__) years, Talent Sketchers has accumulated knowledge and expertise by continuously training our staff, complying with high standards, and hiring top talents to build a top-notch dedicated team.

Easily augment your team size, whether you need 5, 50, or even more developers with knowledge of:

Frontend Backend

Web Developers Augmentation Process Flow

Web Developers Augmentation Process Flow

QA Staff Augmentation

Software tester staff augmentation is a great idea for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It can often be more efficient to hire a professional QA team to deliver your project faster.

The quality assurance team from Talent Sketchers is ready to provide full-time QA engineers on a remote basis to contribute to your project's quality and success. Our testers are skilled, talented, attentive to details and you can hire them instantly to cover your quality assurance needs.

The company's success in delivering excellent quality assurance services has been recognized by Clutch research agency from Washington D.C., who listed Talent Sketchers as being among the top quality assurance companies around the globe.

Types of Augmented QA Services
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Stress testing
  • Security testing

QA Staff Augmentation Process Flow

QA Staff Augmentation Process Flow

When You Need Staff Augmentation

Project size small, medium, large
IT staff to augment your needs 1-50+
Project duration any
Project scope varying
Requirements changing
Flexibility and Transparency high
Client control of progress full control
Project cost varying
Reports daily reports
Methodology Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)
Contract Type Time and Materials

Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services by Talent Sketchers

You can augment your team size up to 5, up to 50 or even more specialists, and increase the number of projects your company can do simultaneously.

Our team dedicates time to understanding your project needs and offers developers and QA engineers who have the required skills and experience to work on a remote basis as part of your team.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and ensure the highest quality of our specialists.

Talent Sketchers is ready to cover your IT resource augmentation needs and provide highly skilled professionals when you need them for any duration (whether that means a month or a year).