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A) QA & Core Testing

Enterprises have realized the potential of core testing functions as part of the software development lifecycle to successfully manage business and technology priorities. Inadequate software testing increases business risks, reduces revenues due to system failure and downtime, leads to wastage of time and resources, and results in higher application maintenance costs and stakeholder dissatisfaction. With business assurance becoming a key focus, organizations have started aligning their testing and quality assurance methodologies to support the shift from "completing IT projects" to "delivering optimized business outcomes."

Our core testing services are complemented by rich experience, along with domain and technology expertise. We provide optimum ways to help standardize and streamline testing, and deliver the highest degree of "sanity in applications" to our customers. Our domain-focused team of empathetic professionals allows organizations to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and create business value. We provide the following core testing services:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-functional Testing
Functional Testing

Talent Sketchers guarantees quality software product through its functional testing services irrespective of the present and future risks involved. Our proficiency lies in usability testing and providing quality assurance. This ensures that the client application is tested according to the objectives and set parameters. Our experts are adept in performing error-free integration, effective compatibility testing, and enhanced reliability of applications that are cost-effective in least possible time. Functional Testing to verify each function of the software application in conformance with the requirement specification.

  • Integration Testing to ensure that assemblages (or groups of units) are exercised through their interfaces using stubs and drivers, and success and error cases are simulated via appropriate parameters and data inputs
  • System Testing services that leverage the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools, in-house frameworks, best practices, and value-based delivery models.
  • Regression Testing that helps to unearth functional defects introduced after a change in code, by executing an optimized and prioritized regression test suit.
Non-functional Testing
  • Installation Testing: Verifies application's Proper Installation and Further Operating. Is executed at late phases of the development, when the program is almost ready.
  • Security Testing: To ensure seamless functioning of an application by addressing all potential issues especially mission-critical information. With the increase in cases of privacy breach, we consider security testing as a vital component of software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Localization testing: Verifies whether the software is properly translated and adjusted to the local languages and cultures. It guarantees that software localized versions are free from usability, functional and linguistic problems.

B) Specialized Testing

Mobile Testing: We offer mobile testing methodologies and solutions to ensure that the intended business value is delivered by the mobile solution. We offer fine-tuned mobile testing services supported by our proven and industry recognized testing approach and can deliver mobile testing capabilities to your organization through our Mobile Testing Centre of Excellence.

SAP Testing: We are experts in SAP Testing helping you secure that one of your most business-critical applications runs flawlessly.

SAP Testing has to take into account a number of specific challenges:

  • Increasingly complex client business process chains involving SAP as well as non-SAP applications.
  • High number and frequency of SAP related changes (releases, updates, fixes) require quick deployments (short time-to-market).
  • Need for improved ROI on IT deliverables.
  • Increasing need for traceability, responsiveness, compliancy.

Addressing these challenges, Talent Sketchers offers a range of specialized SAP Testing services:

  • SAP Testing Consulting Services
  • SAP Managed Testing Services
  • SAP Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • SAP Test Factory
  • SAP Test Automation
  • SAP Data Migration Testing
  • SAP Test Environment Management
  • SAP Performance Testing
  • SAP Mobile Testing

Hereby we leverage our Right shore delivery capability and integrated market leading tooling for cost efficient and innovative solutions.

Agile Testing: We provide a range of comprehensive training workshops and consultant assessments. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your needs and provide detailed reporting on your readiness for Agile, areas that need to be addressed and a bespoke strategy on how to progress.

We have a dedicated team of Testing and QA professionals who have worked on a variety of Agile projects and can offer skills in the following areas: Agile Test Strategy, Agile Test Approaches, Exploratory Testing, Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing, Load Testing etc.), Test Automation and more.

Testing Platform-as-a-Service: Talent Sketchers provides a secure and reliable on-demand testing service on our private cloud to improve application quality without requiring large upfront investment in tools or hardware.

Our Testing Platform as a Service is a flexible subscription model that includes bundled hardware and HPE Quality Management tool licenses with testing experts on-hand to provide in-house testing training and improve governance processes.

Digital Testing: Reliable value thru digital assurance. Digital Transformation is driving the need for a higher focus on QA and Testing. We are now witnessing a true mind shift for both business and IT operations, it is not just about using new digital technologies to become better or faster; it is also about being creative and effective in putting new digital technologies to use, ahead of the competition. The existing digital innovations and developments around social media, mobile, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things and smart devices are the enablers for this transformation. They equip companies with the tools to get closer to customers, empower their employees, and transform their internal business processes. This transformation is occurring rapidly in all industries to deliver a delightful customer experience.

C) Test Automation service

Provides you with a collaborative, accelerated approach to functional testing - combining the effective use of tools and global teams to define what can be automated, increase efficiency and speed up the return on existing testing tool investment.

Test Automation is an essential way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing – and it is especially necessary and valuable when there is continued effort involved in running the same tests repeatedly.

Accelerated automated testing can be used in support of test phases used in waterfall, iterative waterfall and agile development methodologies, such as development, system, integration, end-to-end, user acceptance and regression test phases.

D) Accessibility Testing Services

The differently abled section of the population is increasing by the day globally. This includes people with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. As technology makes in-roads into newer domains and applications, making products accessible for one and all has also become the need of the day. Section 508 testing, more specifically WCAG2.0 compliance testing is important to standardize accessibility engineering in product development. WCAG Compliance is one of our core focus areas in the accessibility testing services we provide.

A combination of manual and automated testing techniques is used to provide detailed accessibility testing for our clients to build applications that meet industry standards and appeal to the target audience. With such an amalgamation of manual and automated accessibility testing, we have employed a few visually challenged people at Talent Sketchers to realistically provide accessibility testing services. We have experience with many tools, such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice dictation tools, accessibility tool bars etc. At the end of every release, a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) report is made available to our clients. Such a combination of standards driven and people driven testing gives us an end to end accessibility test focus from design and engineering standpoints.

Accessibility in the Airline industry has a wider meaning and relevance than any other discipline. It is not limited to just the disabled using the airline solutions and services but extends much more into the realm of accessibility for one and all. It touches on the areas of usability and true end user experiences blending compliances such as Sec 508 and WCAG on the go.

Why Talent Sketchers for your Accessibility Testing?

  • Quick turnaround time and 24X7 support.
  • Pool of trained engineers that can ramp-up instantly per requirements.

We have also been working with several clients to enable accessibility in their files across formats. This has been working very well with a simple, yet comprehensive engineering approach that ensures compliance with global standards including Sec 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA, across files and content that product companies create. For more details please refer the brochure below or reach out to us for an immediate response.