Ecommerce & Retail

The Indian Retail Industry has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. Today due to retail business the total concept and idea of shopping has undergone attention and drawing change in terms of format and consumer buying behavior, ushering in revolution in shopping in the country.

Retailers worldwide are realizing that solving business challenges using traditional solutions needs a revisit with new-age retailing calling for superior, new, differentiated capabilities and dexterity. This can be realized by harnessing the power of data and re-imagining entire value chains through automation and intelligence, paving the way for an algorithmic enterprise that resonates with business behaviors of embracing risk, rehearsing the future, and, exploring un-chartered terrain for growth.

Retail industry is facing a tough competition in the global marketplace. Industrialists have replaced their physical shop with an online store. Today, the only way to get the desired attention is brand buildup, attractive online shops and ease of buying for consumers.

Retail industry has gone through a paradigm shift over a few years. The change factors such as change in the consumer behaviour, proliferated channels, gone-down income rates, tech-savvy consumers have made it impossible for the stores to manage without technology.

We, at Talent Sketchers, leverage your retail business. With interactive retail web development, we put your consumers at ease for buying whatever they want from wherever they are. Our retail web development solutions provide operational excellence across geographies and provide outstanding customer-centric insight.

Our portfolio and capability includes:

  • Customer Relationship management
  • Vendor management system
  • Retail ERP development
  • Supply chain management
  • Intelligent Inventory planning and management system
  • Secondary sales management system
  • Lead management system

Simplifying the Retail sector in the global marketplace

We, at Talent Sketchers, possess a proven team to develop engaging and interactive retail website development. Our focus is to totally revamp legacy system into contemporary retail practices. Our capabilities span grocery, fashion, health, wellness retailing etc.

We develop using the latest technology and best eCommerce platform, which enables straitening flexible, scalable and customizable platform.

We also create mobile applications enabling users to avail retail services at a tap. Supporting the latest technology and home-made frameworks, we enable quick retail web development and timely delivery of the applications. Our solutions offer faster time to market for leveraged revenue right from the beginning.

We design alluring applications so that your visitors stay engaged till the end. We are your one-stop-solution. We design, create, deploy and maintain from under a single roof!