A healthier state of mind (and being)

When you're physically and emotionally healthy, you'll have an easier time learning, both in and out of the organization.

The mission of Talent Sketchers Health Services is three-fold: to provide compassionate, high-quality care, foster a concept of lifelong wellness, and provide leadership in the field of organization health.

Available services include pharmacy and laboratory, office visits, nutrition counselling, ambulance transport, and health education. Additional resources include:

  • Counselling Centre

    We providing comprehensive/holistic mental health, substance abuse, and sexual assault/relationship violence related services. As the hub for employee wellness, the Talent Sketchers services and offerings that promote holistic health and well-being, all in one accessible, centralized space in organization.

  • Office of Health Promotion

    We provide prevention and education essential to employees' health, well-being, and safety, including sexual and relationship violence, and mental health.

  • Healthy Monday

    Healthy Monday offers weekly prompts and programs to support people, and organizations, in starting and sustaining healthy behaviours.